• Lisa M. Pigeon Prevails at Traverse Hearing, Resulting in Dismissal of Claims Against Our Client

Lisa M. Pigeon of ADM's Albertson office prevailed at a Traverse Hearing and obtained a dismissal for our client in a potentially significant Labor Law case.  The case involved a work site accident wherein plaintiff alleged that he was struck by a piece of plywood and was unable to work as a result of the accident.  James A. Edwards, Steven D. Zecca and Brendan A. Bertoli drafted the papers.  Ms. Pigeon presented the testimony of our client's corporate officer before Justice Molia of the Supreme Court, Suffolk County scheduled a Traverse Hearing, on the validity of the service of process.  Justice Molia issued a written decision dismissing the plaintiff's complaint with prejudice, and plaintiff is now time-barred from asserting any further claims against our client.