Construction Site Accidents

Our New York Labor Law Practice Group is chaired by James A. Edwards.  An understanding borne of 40 plus years of handling the most complex construction site accident related cases has led to firmwide expertise in the complexities of the laws governing Construction Site Accidents involving the New York Labor Law.  This history and knowledge are essential to providing our clients with legal counsel they require and expect in this volatile and high exposure area of civil practice. 

ADM remains at the forefront in all aspects of construction site related litigation including providing pre-litigation advice to businesses and the insurance related industry.  We routinely provide coverage opinions prior to and during the course of the litigation.

Our litigation teams handle a large volume of high exposure cases through which we represent site owners, general contractors and subcontractors from the inception of the case to trial, and often through all levels of the appellate process up to the Court of Appeals. ADM has authored articles dealing with these Labor Law issues published in the New York Law Journal and other publications.  We also lecture extensively before bar associations, business groups, claims organizations and the claims departments of major insurers.

Our attorneys have successfully addressed at the motion, trial and appellate levels issues such as the validity of contracts and their indemnity and insurance procurement clauses, the applicability of Labor Law 240 with respect to various fact patterns, the recalcitrant worker defense, sole proximate cause issues, when injury producing activity is maintenance or repair, and the interpretation of Worker's Compensation Reform Act, also known as the grave injury statute.

ADM is committed to continue its proud and successful tradition in this area of the law where our clients face many of the highest exposure cases filed in the Greater New York area.